About Escape Mechanism

Escape Mechanism is Minneapolis based collage artist Jonathan Nelson. Using fragments of sound from the film reels, radios, television sets and record releases which make up our often overpowering media environment, Escape Mechanism is an experiment in recycled media.

Since releasing the debut CD in 1998, Nelson has kept busy with live performances, a radio program (Some Assembly Required), and many other projects including, most recently, the creation of site-specific sound installations.

Essentially a studio project, Escape Mechanism experimented for a couple of years with live improvisation. Performing under the name Cast of Thousands with Escape Mechanism, the group also worked exclusively with bits and pieces of the media environment. A live CD of selections from these performances is now available from recombinations.com.

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For more information about Nelson's many collage projects, visit: www.PostConsumerProductions.com.

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