Escape Mechanism's '100 Percent Recycled' Music
By Eliot Van Buskirk

Some music becomes samples, some incorporates them and others consist of nothing else but samples. Escape Mechanism, the music project of one Jonathan Nelson, falls into the third category. His music, first appearing on a debut album in '98, consists entirely of found sounds with an emphasis on spoken word samples from Hollywood films. His latest album, Emphasis Added -- the first Escape Mechanism full-length studio release in ten years -- is available online.

Nelson's online manifesto sums up his approach fairly succinctly: "Using fragments of sound from the film reels, radios, television sets and record releases which make up our often overpowering media environment, Escape Mechanism is an ongoing experiment in recycled sound."

If you're into this sort of thing, note that he also produces a weekly radio show called Some Assembly Required that can be heard over the air or online.