Vital Weekly, Week 13, Number 168

Escape Mechanism (CD)

A self-titled, self-released CD from the plunderphonic areas, usually inhabited by people like John Oswald, Public Works and their predecessor Tape-beatles. The latter provided with the world with a truly classic CD. 'Music With Sound', which sums everything up from what plunderphonic is. If ever you want 1 CD from these areas, get that one (it's still available). Escape Mechanism are on the same lines, and even though it's a very nice release, it gets not to Music With Sound'. Their sound is much a long the recent Public Works material (as on 'Matter'): steady drums, samples and snippets of text, which are sometimes funny, political or both. It collages reality into a new reality, one that is not telling more about the reality, but that is a parody or satire on the seriousness of politicians and if that is the intention of Escape Mechanism, then they succeeded well.

- Frans deWaard