The Pulse

Escape Mechanism - Self Titled Debut CD

Minneapolis has something for lovers of all musical genres. And that now includes something along the lines of media/cultural tricksters Negativland. Jonathan Nelson is the man behind Escape Mechanism, a disc of spoken-word and media soundbites that reflect the bugged out times in which we live. Times when "Crazy 'bout a Ford Truck" commercials, lone gunman/police stand-offs, "family values" and a sex- and violence-obsessed motif all vie for equal attention. (Escape Mechanism) balances such chaos and ugliness with some majestic sonic offerings - samples of soothing drumbeats and guitar melodies, meditative female vocals and thunderstorm sounds mix with the media dubs (ranging from Mr. Rogers to a boxing announcer madly raving about blood pouring from a fighter's forehead). The juxtaposition of the beautiful and the bizarre makes Escape Mechanism a disc worth repeated listenings. Ask for it at your finer record stores.

(The disc is available at Minneapolis record stores: Cheapo discs, Electric Fetus, Garage D'or, Know Name Records, Oar Folk Joke Opus and Let it Be.)

- Henry Horman