Artist blends sights, sounds in exhibit


Can you hear art? That's what Jonathan Nelson wants you to do with his latest exhibit, "Amendments," on display through Nov. 14 in McNeese's Abercrombie Gallery.

The sound collage exhibit consists of five listening stations, collages, assemblages and DVD projections.

The Minneapolis artist - also the host of the NPR show "Some Assembly Required" - uses re-appropriated sounds and objects from the surrounding media environment.

Nelson said he likes to use media because of how prevalent it is in daily life.

"A lot of shared morality comes from what we see in the media," Nelson said.

The sounds and words are usually repackaged to have a meaning completely opposite of the original, and are open to interpretation by the viewer.

In his assemblages, he said he gets his material from thrift stores, junk yards and older movie theaters.

Nelson said he likes to use pieces from older theaters because they are places of storytelling.

His NPR show, which started 10 years ago, showcases other sound collage artists and is broadcast locally on KRVS-FM.

Gallery hours are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays.

For more information, call 475-5060.