Sound Installations

Listserv is an attempt to illustrate how communication has been affected by technologies such as the internet, email and subsequently, the listserv, which has made electronic discussion with multiple (often anonymous) individuals a factor in many of our day to day lives.

While Listserv is a meditation on the effects of technology on interpersonal communication, it also illustrates the fleeting, shifting, and subjective nature of truth; specifically in regards to many of life’s original questions - whose answers, arguably, can never be truly known. Who can we trust to inform us about that which is beyond comprehension?

Listserv debuted at the Soap Factory in 2001, and was then exhibited at Art-A-Whirl as a quadrophonic sound installation. It was presented in stereo at Rosalux Gallery, in Minneapolis, as well as the Blue Theater (Austin, TX) and Density Studios (Minneapolis, MN).

The principle elements of Listserv were Escape Mechanism's primary contribution to the 2002 Staalplaat release, "Minneapolis Summit," featuring an ensemble performance by Escape Mechanism, Steev Hise, The Tape-beatles and Wobbly. The original composition, riffed upon live and presented in so many different arrangements, was finally released in 2008 on the studio release, "(Emphasis Added)," by Escape Mechanism... More info HERE.

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