About Escape Mechanism

100% Recycled:

Using fragments of sound from the film reels, radios, television sets and record releases which make up our often overpowering media environment, Escape Mechanism is an ongoing experiment in recycled sound.

Since at least 1997, Escape Mechanism's Jonathan Nelson has used nothing but sounds found in the broadcast media to create new and original works of sound collage. He has moved from the production studio to live performance, sound installation, theatrical sound design and multiple collaborations with audio, video and visual artists from a variety of disciplines.

The debut CD, Escape Mechanism, was released in 1998. Live CDs were released in 2002 and 2004. A new studio album, titled (Emphasis Added), was released in 2008 - the first since 1998's debut full length. Check it out HERE.

The project also served as inspiration for Nelson's long running radio show, Some Assembly Required, which was heard on college, community and public radio stations across the US and Canada for over a decade (1999 - 2011). The program was a weekly exploration of sample-based music and audio art, also available as a podcast from the Some Assembly Required website.

For more information, please visit: mnartists.org/jonathannelson

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